An Invitation to Explore…

Welcome to The Eye of the Sacred Wind Foundation.

You have been attracted to this web site for reasons that may or may not be totally clear. We invite you to explore the various topics presented as you continue your quest for a clearer understanding of ‘who’ and ‘why’ you are here on Earth in this lifetime. We trust that the reason for your visiting will become clear!


Eye of Sacred Wind Perhaps you have asked these questions:

  • Who am I, really?
  • What lies beyond the tangible three-dimensional world?
  • What is a Soul ?
  • How do I discover the truth of my existence?
  • Why do I need to face certain lessons in life?

…or other similar questions…

We wish you a fruitful and illuminating exploration as you walk your individual pathway of awakening to Soul Consciousness.

Thank you for visiting with us. If you have questions about the Sacred Wind programs or philosophy, please let us know. Happy journey!!