John Otis & Cheryl Hyland

John Otis and Cheryl HylandJohn Otis and his wife, Cheryl Hyland, live in Whitefish, Montana with their dog, Copper. They are the founders of The Eye of the Sacred Wind Foundation and are dedicated to walking the spiritual path of enlightenment in this lifetime, serving others who are searching for answers to the question of ‘who am I’ and ‘why am I’.



John is an internationally recognized lecturer and teacher who for more than forty years has been studying, teaching, and applying the inner Truth as revealed through daily meditation. He has been actively involved as a lecturer and teacher in various spiritual growth and metaphysical organizations. A graduate of Stanford University, John has been an entrepreneur, educator, and world traveler, and has guided the formation of an internationally recognized organization of international business educators.

John receives vivid and clear messages that come from the Higher Self, the inner link within the Soul to the Consciousness of Creation. The messages, or Lessons as they are called, are flowing impressions as though being spoken to from the depths of consciousness. The Lessons are always loving and compassionate radiating Love, Light and Wisdom. John is an ordained minister available for Soul Counseling, Destiny Awareness readings, weddings and other ceremonies.

Cheryl is a student of Truth, a dedicated light worker and energy alignment practitioner focusing on bringing the outer manifested life patterns into alignment with the natural flow of energy from within. She is the organizing and practical manager of Foundation activities, a writer, and keen eyed editor of all that is sent out from the Foundation. Cheryl works with John in a perfectly balanced relationship between the masculine and feminine attributes.