The Eye of The Sacred Wind Foundation

The Eye of the Sacred Wind Foundation is a Teaching and Light Center dedicated to helping those who are open and ready to walk the inner pathway of awakening to Soul Consciousness. The teaching program encourages you to live and present to the world on a consistent basis the Truth that you know you are from within.

The Foundation offers a practical approach to the teaching of Truth. When one touches the inner depths of understanding and knowing, the results can be seen in how one approaches life's activities, how one interacts in relationships with other Souls and with their environment, and how one walks a pathway of peace and harmony radiating joy every moment of existence. One recognizes the impact the teaching and the Lessons from the Soul have in one’s life.

The purpose for the work of the Foundation is to encourage you to discover, to know, and then to be the Real You. By example, one then makes a statement in life that is seen and observed by others who then in their own way are motivated along their own unique pathway of awakening.