The Higher Self

Intuition is of the Soul and has no emotional or linguistic barriers that impede an understanding of eternal Soul realities. When we respond to intuition, we are connecting with infinite awareness filtered into conscious reality and understanding of the moment. We tap into a universal storehouse of experience and wisdom that is one with all Souls. We connect with the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is a composite of Soul energy that holds all knowledge and wisdom. The Higher Self is always ready to share that which is necessary to understand or work through an experience in life. When we say "my" Higher Self we really mean "the" Higher Self. Remember, all is one, all is connected. The universal wisdom resident in the depths of Soul Consciousness can be applied as needed in every situation.

All that one experiences as part of the awakening process or learning cycle emanates from an aspect of the Higher Self that is guiding, nurturing, and allowing the process to take place. The Higher Self provides stability and insights along the way. Everything that occurs within your experience as you search for and align with the truth of your being is guided by the Higher Self.

It should always be remembered that the Higher Self is totally, irreversibly and consciously one with the Consciousness of Creation. The Higher Self is that aspect of the Soul that is like the final link. It is the fuse. It is that which connects the Soul with all that is part of creation. The Higher Self provides that which will be received and that which is applicable for the moment for the development of awareness to take place within the Soul . Information is provided in a conscious and very direct manner, or in a very subtle, indirect and subconscious manner. These are those little nudges, aha’s, and flashes of intuition that frequently occur when one is sensing on some level the movement of energy, the movement of spirit, the movement of the Love, Light and Life of creation through their immediate experience.

The Higher Self is the highest point of consciousness within the Soul , the final link to total oneness with the Consciousness of Creation. The Higher Self is the source of intuition, a guardian on the pathway of consciousness. The Higher Self is a point of emanation of consciousness providing insight to the Soul as such insight is able to be received in the Soul’s current physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of receptivity.

Ultimately the Higher Self is the pinnacle of focus through which the consciousness of the Soul is fully realized. All experience leads toward unification with the Higher Self, the true consciousness of who you are as a Soul.