Destiny Awareness & Soul Counseling


As a service of The Eye of the Sacred Wind Foundation, we offer a Destiny Awareness Reading for those who would like to gain a more complete and in-depth understanding of their unique destiny path in this lifetime. Every Soul comes into the current lifetime with a chosen destiny path to follow. The Destiny Awareness Reading is a doorway to understanding one’s ‘Soul’ purpose. The reading is offered in Love from that place of Oneness within the Soul . Information shared comes from the depths of Soul Consciousness where life’s patterns of inner discovery can be discerned unencumbered by the external influence of the mind, emotions, and environment.

Circles design, Eye of the Sacred WindIn the process of creation, there is a flow of energy that infuses the Soul with the attributes or characteristics of the Consciousness of Creation. These are called the Attributes of the Soul. It is important to realize that you are living a chosen pattern in this lifetime that is absolutely correct. This pattern, as revealed through the Attributes of the Soul, is reflected in two ways. The first is through your birth path which is the path of destiny or ‘what’ you have chosen to perfect in this lifetime. The second is your name path which is ‘how’ you have chosen to accomplish certain goals for this lifetime. Through a Destiny Awareness Reading, the relationship between these two patterns is revealed allowing you to inwardly confirm decisions you make toward fulfilling your potential.

Life is designed to be lived effortlessly in harmony, beauty, and peace as you radiate the Love and Light of creation. You can discover how your unique path leads you through the necessary lessons to awaken to Soul Consciousness. You can discover the Real You!

In a Destiny Awareness Reading, John discusses and interprets your Birth Path and Name Path. You will receive information about challenges in life in relationships, career, spiritual growth, family, and other areas of your life that are important to you. A Destiny Awareness Reading provides a specific way to discover practical, confirming answers and guidelines from a spiritual perspective to aid you along your pathway of awakening to Soul Consciousness.

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