WILL the REAL YOU PLEASE STAND UP by John Otis is now available. You can order one or more copies from The Eye of the Sacred Wind Foundation by clicking here. Discover who you really are and your purpose in life. WILL the REAL YOU PLEASE STAND UP unveils how to consciously walk the pathway of awakening to Soul Consciousness.

WILL THE REAL YOU PLEASE STAND UPWill the REAL YOU Please Stand Up provides a glimpse into a pathway of understanding that opens one's outer and inner eyes to what it means to awaken to Soul Consciousness. The story in this book provides insight and guidelines about the awakening process, and tools that will aid in ones personal spiritual journey in answer to the question of who and why you are as a Soul !   Chapters include information on intuition, the Attributes of the Soul, ones destiny path, and the progression through contemplation, meditation, revelation, illumination and awakening to Soul Consciousness.

Ultimately all of us have wondered who and why we really are and what our real purpose in life might be. We perhaps have felt that there was something beyond what we have currently experienced in our spiritual life. In this book we are reminded that we are a Soul with a body, not a body with a Soul . We are reminded that the Soul is immortal as a radiant beam of consciousness emanating from the One Source of all.  

Will the REAL YOU Please Stand Up takes you on a spiritual journey as the author shares much of his story along the pathway of awakening to Soul Consciousness.   We are reminded to enjoy the journey!   It's the only one we are really on!

This is a book about the awakening of the slumbering Soul , about discovering answers to questions we all have pondered, about experiences that take us beyond the many-faceted, three-dimensional reality we call life. It is about ascending in consciousness as truth is revealed or remembered that links us to dimensions of spiritual existence far beyond that which is normally experienced on earth. This is a story of emerging from the cocoon of forgetfulness, remembering who and why we are as revealed through the imprint of the Soul at the time of birth and then understood more fully through life's experiences. This is story of the journey of the Soul and awakening to Soul Consciousness.


Awakening to Soul Consciousness

john otisMost people go through life never understanding who they really are as a spiritual being. As a result, they search endlessly in religious organizations, personal growth workshops, meditation and other spiritually oriented disciplines and read countless books and spiritual magazines trying to discover who they really are. The purpose of this book is to provide explanations and tools for understanding that will help those on the edge of awakening to remember 'who' they 'really' are as an immortal soul and 'why' they are here in the earth experience. This is a book about awakening to soul consciousness.

The lifelong quest for those consciously on a spiritual journey is to discover the true meaning to life and why we experience certain events and relationships along the pathway. Awakening to Soul Consciousness offers a perspective based on many years of study, experience and revelation that suggests we are spiritual beings called souls embodied in the earth school to remember who we are through the lessons and experiences of our current and past lifetimes. The concept of consciousness as the energy of creation is explored along with the makeup of the soul as revealed through the twelve Attributes of the Soul. There are millions of souls walking the planet today who are rapidly awakening to the truth of who they are. This book offers insight into 'who and why' you are as a soul, with specific guidance on accelerating the awakening process.

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